Friends of the Struble Trail
    People helping together to support the Struble Trail and its environment
Sign Our Petition
Friends of the Struble Trail has drafted a petition to assure our local officials that they have voter backing in their attempts to save the former Shryock land from development and add it to the trail system leading to Marsh Creek State Park.  The petition reads: 

"Yes!  I believe extending the Struble Trail would provide numerous quality of life benefits to Chester County residents, by maintaining open space, preserving buffer and flood plain area, and by maintaining access for recreation such as biking, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, and running.  I encourage my local, county, and state elected officials and DCNR to pursue efforts to acquire and preserve the extension of the Struble Trail's right of way and environmentally sensitive land contiguous to the Marsh Creek Lake State Park."

If you would like to e-sign our petition, and you live locally and use the Struble Trail, please send ALL of the following information to  with "Sign Petition" as the subject line. 

  • Name
  • Address (including town)
  • How you use the trail - biking, running, walking, horseback riding, fishing access.

We already have over 670 signatures, and every single new one we can get is important!  (You must include your entire address to be counted.)  If you signed a paper petition, there is no need to send an email.

Your email address WILL NOT be shared with ANYONE.  We are from all different places on the political spectrum, united for this one cause, and none of us wants to be on any list.  No email addresses are included with petitions turned in to political officials, so feel free to participate.

The friends and wildlife who use the Struble Trail Thank You very much!!!