Friends of the Struble Trail
    People helping together to support the Struble Trail and its environment
How can I contribute?

The next crucial aspect is gap funding for what the grants detailed below
do not cover!  Please send your donation to:

                   Friends of the Struble Trail
                   P.O. Box 54
                   Lyndell, PA   19354

If you itemize and would like your contribution to be tax-deductible, please MAKE YOUR CHECK OUT TO NATURAL LANDS TRUST, and send it to the Friends of the Struble Trail above.  We will package all the checks together and give them to NLT in one bundle, who will in turn deposit them into the Struble Trail Project.

Any money that we get in excess of what we need will go to a project where it will directly benefit the Struble Trail.  Hopefully Friends will be able to provide better (although still subtle) signage to help determine exactly where emergency access will reach victims on the trail fastest, and more benches for all the people who use the trail in recovery from illness.  Thank You!!!

Our Support Has Helped Gain Successes So Far:
  • The Upper Uwchlan Board of Supervisors promised at their public meeting, and the Daily Local reported, that they would keep all proceedings regarding the property open to the public.  (No back room deals!)
  • Our efforts elevated the Shryock property to a campaign issue for the candidates for Chester County Commissioner, all four of whom put out press releases supporting public ownership of the Shryock Property.  See Aichele/Farrell  and Cozzone/Scott
  • Natural Lands Trust negotiated an Agreement of Sale document  for the property
  • Upper Uwchlan Township subdivided the mill property from the preserved property
  • A grant of 1.5 million dollars was secured through Chester County       
  • A grant of 1.5 million dollars was secured through the Pennsylvania Capital Budget